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Past Performances      

Akram Khan began by performing at a music conference at a very young age. Since then, he has been participating in prestigious festivals across the globe.

In 1987, he performed with Ustad Vilayat Khan in Japan, and in 1992 he accompanied the maestro to the United States. He has performed before enthralled audiences at the Kennedy Centre and the Lincoln Centre in U.S.A.

He was part of the celebrations for the 50 years of India's Independence in India, as well as abroad.

Year 2020

  • Date 04/01/2020
    Delhi kamani With Begum parveen sultana 

Year 2019


  • Date 10/12/2019
    Delhi India habitat center
    With Ustad Shahid Parvez khan

  • Date 11/12/2019
    Delhi India habitat center
    With Mahua Shankar

  • Date 14,15/12/2019 Ludhiana

  • Date 27/12/2019
    Jalandhar hari ballabh  With Dr N Rajan Ji 

  • Date 28/12/2019
    Jalandhar Hari Ballabh With kiran pal singh 

  • Date 10/11/2019 ,11/11/2019 Banaras

  • Date 20/11/2019 
    Date 21/11/2019 Mumbai
    With Dr L Subramanian 

  • Date 22/11/2019
    Delhi kamani
    With Pt Bhajan Sopori

  • Date 23/11/2019
    Hubli  Solo Tabla 

  • Date 27,28,29,/11/2019
    Jerusalem Israel 
    With Ustad Shahid Parvez khan

  • Date 01/10/2019
    Delhi kamani  With PtRajan Mishra ji  Pt Sajan Mishra ji 

  • Date 06/10/2019
    Jaipur morning concert
    With Pt Rajan Mishra ji 
            Pt Sajan Mishra ji 

  • Date 13/10/2019
    Delhi With Dr.L Subramanian ji 

  • Date 18/10/2019
    Delhi Kamani
    With Pt Rajindra Gangani ji 
    With Pt Rajan Mishra 
    With Pt Sajan Mishra 

  • Date 19/10/2019
    Delhi All India Radio Sangeet sammelan
    With pt debashish bhattacharya

  • Date 02/09/2019
    Rai Garh  With Mahua Shankar 

  • Date 08/09/2019
    Bengaluru With Ustad Rashid khan

  • Date 13/09/2019
    Delhi pracheen kala kendra 
    With Subrata De 

  • Date 23/09/2019
    Chandigarh Tagore theatre 
    Taal Vadya 

  • Date 28/09/2019
    Delhi SNA With shri Ram Krishna clarinet 

  • Date 29/09/2019
    Durga Pur With Ustad Rashid khan

  • Date 03/08/2019 to 06/08/2019
    Chandigarh and Shimla
    Solo Tabla concert 

  • Date 10/08/2019
    BhavNagar  Tabla solo 
    Sarangi Ustad murad Ali

  • Date 11/08/2019
    Mumbai  Solo Tabla 
    Harmonium tanmay deochake 

  • Date 31/08/2019
    Delhi SNA  With pt Harvinder Sharma sitar 

  • Date 23/07/2019
    Mumbai Taj  With Dr L Subramanian

  • Date 24/07/2019
    Surat spic Macay 
    25 spic Macay 
    26 Spic Macay 
    27 Spic Macay

  • Date 05/06/2019
    Delhi spic Macay convention 
    With  Ustad Rashid Khan 

  • Date 06/06/2019
    Delhi spic Macay
    With Ustad Shahid Parvez khan 

  • Date 24/06/2019
    Delhi India habitat center With shri Bipul Ray 

  • Date 25/06/2029
    Delhi All India Radio Solo Tabla recording


  • Date 29/06/2019
    Delhi Triveni kala sangam
    With pt kevalya Kumar  And Harsh Narayan 
    Interview for tv channel With Alok Srivastava

  • Date 22/05/2019
    Delhi - Recording All India Radio

  • Date 25/05/2019
    Delhi - Abhishek Lahiri 

  • Date 04/04/2019
    Delhi. With Dr N.Rajam 

  • Date 12/04/2019
    Delhi pt Rajendra prasanna 

  • Date 20/04/2019
    Delhi  VSK Baithak  With DrN.Rajam 

  • Date .20/04/2019
    Delhi Triveni kala sangam
    Duet with pt Primal chakraborty

  • Date 27/04/2029
    Pune 100 yrs celebration ustad Allah Rakha 
    Solo Tabla 

  • Date 29/04/2019
    Mumbai 100 yrs celebration of Ustad Allah Rakha  NCPA mumbai
    With Ustad Zakir Hussain .Shubhankar bennerjee .yogesh samsi.fazal qureshi satyajeet talwarkar 
  • Date 04/03/2019
    India habitat center Delhi 
    Solo Tabla 

  • Date 05/03/2019
    Lec-dem amaltas Delhi 

  • Date 06/03/2019
    Delhi  With Ustad Murad Ali

  • Date 15/03/2019
    Shankar LaL Festival Delhi
    With Pt Rajan Mishra ,Pt Sajan Mishra 

  • Date 16/03/2019
    Shankar LaL Festival Delhi
    With Ustad Sabir Khan 
    With Ustad Shahid Parvez 

  • Date 17/03/2019.
    Delhi. With Ustad Rashid Khan 

  • Date 23/03/2019
    Lec-dem spic.macay 
    Delhi With Mahua Shankar

  • Date 24/03/2019
    Banaras  With Malini Avasthi ji 

  • Date 26/03/2019
    All india radio recording
    Delhi With Prateek chaudhuri

  • Date 29/03/2019
    Udaipur With Sangeeta Bandhopadhyay 

  • Date 30/03/2019
    Delhi With Pt Debu Chaudhuri 

  • Date 31/03/2019
    Noida  Solo Tabla 

  • Date 02/02/2019
    Ahmedabad- With pt nityanand Haldipur 

  • 03/02/2019
    Ahmedabad. With Basant Kabra 

  • Date 04/02/2019
    Delhi. With Ustad Murad Ali 

  • Date 05/02/2019
    Tabla solo lec-dem - Delhi

  • Date 16/02/2019
    RIMPA Delhi With Smt Malini Avasthi ji 

  • Date  17/02/2019
    Mumbai With Ustad murad Ali Khan 
             Ustad Fateh Ali Khan 

  • Date18/02/2019
    RIMPA Delhi  With Ustad Amaan Ali Khan 

  • Date 20/02/2019
    Chinmay Mission Delhi 
    Duet with Ravi Shankar upadhyay

  • Date  25/02/2019
    Allahabad With Mahua Shankar

  • Jan 2019
    Date 03/01/2019
    Saptak festival ahmedabad
    With pt Birju Maharaj 

    Date 08/01/2019
    Delhi station  All india radio recording 

    Date 12/01/2019
    Saptak festival Ahmedabad
    With Mrs Malini Avasthi 

    Date 10/01/2019
    Mahua Shankar  Spic Macay Delhi 

    Date 18/01/2019
    Pt Bhajan Sopori  Chinmay Mission Delhi

    Date 23/01/2019
    Shri Abhay Sopori .Mumbai 

    Date 26/01/2019
    Literature festival Jaipur
    With Shri Azeem Ali Alvi 
              Shri Shakir Khan 

    Date 31/01/2019